About PrimitiveSense

PrimitiveSense are a small digital agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne and Sunderland, specialising in the area of eCommerce. Communicating and delivering expertise in eCommerce and web experiences is where we perform best and get proven results.

Since the age of 7 Glen has invested most of his life in technology. It was the perfect time back in 1982 when the ZX Spectrum turned up on the scene, an 8-bit computer system that held 16KB of RAM that brought so much fun to the home is where it all started. Glen had quickly found himself using Acorn computers in the early days of secondary school, the Acorn being the first of computers that allowed you to generate and design pixel graphics which really sparked the creative side of Glen's development in designing on screen graphics. The addiction, and it really is an addiction has since progressed through Glen's life.

Whilst playing games on computers was so much fun, Glen quickly realised this was something he wanted to specialise in full time and was offered a higher level GNVQ course at school where he found a module labelled "website design". Fast forward to the College and University days Glen learnt the important lessons of team work whilst play football at a high level. This introduced very important skills and Glen started to build a reputation for leadership and management of people.

After leaving studies behind Glen went on to join multiple digital agencies in and around Newcastle, working with some recognised brands such as Ladbrokes, BSkyB, Durham University and Heineken. Glen gained valuable insights into the operational side of running a business and dealing with clients in the high leagues.

The PrimitiveSense Meeting Room. Glass with PrimitiveSense Branding

Jumping to 2017 where Glen started to rapidly build up his client base which soon became unmanageable due to demand from High Profile clients such as P&G, Dr Oetker and Venator. Things had to change and so Glen started to build up his small, skilled, open minded team.

Why is the web so special to us?

For anyone growing up in the 1980's like Glen you know what an incredible time it was for computing and technology. We saw the launch of some amazing tech which included the machines we mentioned above. We had the oppurtunities to be able to point, click, write short programs and have a whole lot of fun. In the early 90's we saw our first web browser, a way to dial in and connect to the internet and communicate information like never before. How can this not excite you? Ever since that day the web community have never stopped developing, and what we have in such a short space of time is nothing short of incredible. In the space of 20 years we have gone from text on a page to responsive, one site fits all augmented reality shopping experience, where transactions take place in the blink of an eye and you deliveries are with you at your doorstep the next day. It is a truly incredible, exciting, creative space to be working in and we absolutely love it!

PrimitiveSense are here to help businesses strive online and at the same time be safe and eliminate risks. Because of all of the above we are confident in being able to help you get what you need from your online presence, why? Because we've probably already solved your problems or challenges before.

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